vocalist + computer musician : )

Alone Together

sad-girl, pandemic song

catholic school

a song about my time in…you guessed it…

watch my #triggered series on youtube

I play songs using music technology

watch the catholic school video

it’s fun, i swear

Jae Soto is the solo moniker of multifaceted Brooklyn-based vocalist Justina Soto. A constant student and listener, Soto uses synthesis, multi-fx hardware, and vocal sampling to transform her sounds and deliver colorful and driving music.

A New York City native who currently resides in Brooklyn, she was formally trained as a vocalist, studied modern production independently, and developed into a self-described “computer musician”. When producing, Soto listens to her surroundings and places those abstractions into a familiar context, often using topically diverse lyrics and delivering a sardonic yet holistic view on events both past and present.

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